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Thermal energy stroage in building integrated thermal systems: A review. Part 2. Integration of passive system 2016
In situ thermal and acoustic performance and environmental impact of the introduction of a shape-stabilized PCM layer for building applications 2016
Thermal assessment of extensive green roofs as passive tool for energy savings in buildings 2016
Computational efficiency in numerical modeling of high temperature latent heat storage: Comparison of selected software tools based on experimental data 2016
Maximal falsifiability 2016
Corrosion evaluation and prevention of reactor materials to contain thermochemical material for thermal energy storage 2016
Non existence of some mixed Moore graphs of diameter 2 using SAT 2016
Types, methods, techniques, and applications for microencapsulated phase change materials (MPCM): A review 2016
Single layer mortars with microencapsulated PCM: Study of physical and thermal properties, and fire behaviour 2016
Thermal Energy Storage in Building Integrated Thermal Systems: A review. Part 1. Active storage systems 2016
Economic impact of integrating PCM as passive system in buildings using Fanger comfort 2016
Preparation and characterization of inorganic PCM microcapsules by fluidized bed method 2016
Thermal characterization of buildings from the monitoring of the AC system consumption 2016
Experimental evaluation of a concrete core slab with phase change materials for cooling purposes 2016
Use of by-products as additives in adobe bricks: mechanical properties characterization 2016
Review of technology: thermochemical energy storage for concentrated solar power plants 2016
A predictor model for the composting process on an industrial scale based on Markov processes 2016
On the Performance of MaxSAT and MinSAT Solvers on 2SAT-MaxOnes 2016
Methodologies to estimate industrial waste heat potential by transferring key figures: A case study for Spain 2016
Health hazard, cycling and thermal stability as key parameters when selecting a suitable Phase Change Material (PCM) 2016
Advances in the valorization of waste and by-product materials as thermal energy storage (TES) materials 2016
Review on system and materials requirements for high temperature thermal energy storage. Part 2: Thermal conductivity enhancement techniques 2016
Eco-costs evaluation for the optimal design of buildings with lower environmental impact 2016
Molten salt facilities, lessons learnt at pilot plant scale to guarantee commercial plants; heat losses evaluation and correction 2016
Acoustic insulation capacity of Vertical Greenery Systems for buildings 2016
FingerScanner: Embedding a Fingerprint Scanner in a Raspberry Pi 2016
Desafío en el diseño de MOOCs: incorporación de aspectos para la colaboración y la gamificación 2016
Web Ontologies to Categorialy Structure Reality: Representations of Human Emotional, Cognitive and Motivational Processes 2016
Identification of line-specific strategies for improving carotenoid production in synthetic maize through data-driven mathematical modelling 2016
Experimental evaluation of a paraffin as phase change material for thermal energy storage in laboratory equipment and in a shell-and-tube heat exchanger 2016
Adaptation of rammed earth to modern construction systems: Comparative study of thermal behavior under summer conditions 2016
Experimental analysis of a car incorporating phase change material 2016
Influence of alkaline chloride on thermal energy storage properties of bischofite 2016
Use of multi-layered PCM gypsums to improve fire response. Physical, thermal and mechanical characterization 2016
Simulation and control of Thermally Activated Building Systems (TABS) 2016
Corrosion testing device for in-situ corrosion characteization in operational molten salts storage tanks: A516 Gr70 carbon steel performance under molten salts exposure 2016
Performance comparison of a group of thermal conductivity enhancement methodology in phase change material for thermal storage application 2016
Industrial waste materials and by-products as thermal energy storage (TES) materials: A review 2016
Non existence of some mixed Moore graphs of diameter 2 using SAT 2016
Experimental analysis of charging and discharging processes, with parallel and counter flow arrangements, in a molten salts high temperature pilot plant scale setup 2016
Temperature distribution and heat losses in molten salts tanks for CSP plants 2016
A production planning model considering uncertain demand using two-stage stochastic programming in a fresh vegetable supply chain context 2016
Experimental study of an active slab with PCM coupled to a solar air collector for heating purposes 2016
Human-Computer Interaction in Ibero-America: Academic, Research, and Professional Issues 2016
Thermal Energy Storage (TES) for Industrial Waste Heat (IWH) Recovery: A Review 2016
An Integration of Usable Security and User Authentication into the ISO 9241-210 and ISO/IEC 25010:2011 2016
HBPF: a Home Blood Pressure Framework with SLA guarantees to follow up hypertensive patients 2016
Computer-assisted initial diagnosis of rare diseases 2016
BPcontrol: a Mobile App to Monitor Hypertensive Patients 2016
Energy savings due to the use of PCM for relocatable lightweight buildings passive heating and cooling in different weather conditions 2016
Reflections and proposals to improve the efficiency of accessibility efforts 2015
Encodings and benchmarks for MaxSAT solving 2015
Embodied energy in thermal energy storage (TES) systems for high temperature applications 2015
Unconventional experimental technologies available for phase change materials (PCM) characterization. Part 1. Thermophysical properties 2015
Heating and cooling energy trends and drivers in buildings 2015
Thermophysical characterization and thermal cycling stability of two TCM: CaCl2 and zeolite 2015
Design of a P2P network that protects users’ privacy in front of Web Search Engines 2015
Design of a P2P network that protects users' privacy in front of Web Search Engines 2015
H-PC: A Cloud Computing Tool for Supervising Hypertensive Patients 2015
High Performance computing improvements on bioinformatics consistency-based multiple sequence alignment tools 2015
DisCoP: A P2P Framework for Managing and Searching Computing Markets 2015
Evaluation of green walls as passive acoustic insulation system for buildings 2015
Corrosion of metals and salt hydrates used for thermochemical energy storage 2015
Composite gypsum containing fatty-ester PCM to be used as constructive system: Thermophysical characterization of two shape-stabilized formulations 2015
“Non-Linear Measures and Time-Frequency Representation of Electroencephalogram Containing Auditory and Nociceptive Stimuli Responses' 2015
Auditory and Nociceptive Stimuli Responses in the Electroencephalogram A Non-linear Measures and Time-frequency Representation Based Analysis 2015
Characterization of Daytime Sleepiness by Time-Frequency Measures of EEG Signals 2015
Lithium in thermal energy storage: A state-of-the-art review 2015
Corrosion of metal containers for use in PCM energy storage 2015
Unconventional experimental technologies available for phase change materials (PCM) characterization. Part 2. Morphological and structural characterization, physico-chemical stability and mechanical 2015
Solving the Routing and Wavelength Assignment problem with conflict-driven ASP solvers 2015
RP-DeLP: a weighted defeasible argumentation framework based on a recursive semantics 2015
Solving the Routing and Wavelength Assignment problem with conflict-driven ASP solvers 2015
Solving the Routing and Wavelength Assignment problem with conflict-driven ASP solvers. . 28(1): 21-34 (2015) 2015
EmotionsOnto: an Ontology for developing Affective Applications 2015
Emotions Ontology for Collaborative Modelling and Learning of Emotional Responses 2015
Multi-Criteria Genetic Algorithm Applied to Scheduling in Multi-Cluster Environments 2015
Energy performance of a ventilated double skin facade with PCM under different climates 2015
The thermal behaviour of Extensive green roofs under low plant coverage conditions 2015
A simple model to predict the thermal performance of a ventilated 2015
Thermal behaviour of insulation and phase change materials in buildings with internal heat loads: experimental study 2015
CheNER: a tool for the identification of chemical entities and their classes in biomedical literature 2015
State of the art on gas-solid thermochemical energy storage systems and reactors for building applications 2015
Plant cover and floristic composition 1 effect on thermal behaviour of extensive green roofs 2015
An SLA and power-saving scheduling consolidation strategy for shared and heterogeneous clouds 2015
Review on the methodology used in thermal stability characterization of phase change materials 2015
Key performance indicators in thermal energy storage: survey and assessment 2015
Impact of accessibility barriers on the mood of users with motor and dexterity impairments 2015
Industrial waste heat recovery technologies: An economic analysis of heat transformation technologies 2015
Experimental evaluation at pilot plant scale of multiple PCMs cascaded) vs. single PCM configuration for thermal energy storage 2015
Phase Change Materials and Thermal Energy Storage for Buildings 2015
CO2 mitigation accounting for thermal energy storage (TES) case studies 2015
Beeping Socks and Chirping Arm Bands: Wearables That Foster Free Play 2015
PCM incorporation in a concrete core slab as a thermal storage and supply system: proof of concept 2015
Thermophysical characterization of a by-product from the non-metallic industry as inorganic PCM 2015
Use of polyethylene glycol for the improvement of the cycling stability of bischofite as thermal energy storage material 2015
Control of a PCM ventilated facade using reinforcement learning techniques 2015
Formalisation and logical properties of the maximal ideal recursive semantics for weighted defeasible logic programming 2015
Thermal performance evaluation of bischofite at pilot plant scale 2015
Mapping and discussion industrial waste heat (IWH) potentials for different countries 2015
Comparison of phase change slurries: Physicochemical and thermal properties 2015
Downstream bioprocessing of CS2-polluted emissions: Innovative use of a black slag in mixed biofilters 2015
Recovering accuracy methods for scalable consistency library 2015
Mechanical response evaluation of microcapsules from different slurries 2015
New database to select Phase Change Materials: chemical nature, properties, and applications 2015
On the conceptualization, design and evaluation of appealing, meaningful, and playable digital games for older people 2015
Distributing game instances in a hybrid client-server/P2P system to support MMORPG playability 2015
Analyzing Google Earth application in a heterogeneous commodity cluster display wall 2015
Analyzing Google Earth application in a heterogeneous commodity cluster display wall 2015
Energy efficiency indicators for assessing construction systems storing renewable energy: application to phase change material-bearing façades 2015
On the use of filters to facilitate the post-optimal analysis of thePareto solutions in multi-objective optimization 2015
Impact of web accessibility barriers on users with a hearing impairment 2015
Development and testing of the media monitoring tool MedISys for early identification and reporting of existing and emerging plant health threats 2015
Emotions ontology for collaborative modelling and learning of emotional responses 2015
Special Issue on Semantic Web Interfaces 2015
An overview on design methodologies for liquid solid PCM storage systems 2015
The influence of a biopsychosocial educational internet-based intervention on pain, dysfunction, quality of life, and pain cognition in chronic low back pain patients in primary care: a mixed methods approach 2015
REWASTEE: Manufacturing eco-innovative construction products from steel manufacturing waste 2015
Exploración de patrones de interacción para su uso en la web semántica 2015
Multi-objective optimization of thermal modelled cubicles considering the total cost and life cycle environmental impact 2015
Agent Implementation of a Soccer Mobile Robot Based on a Google Android¿ Smartphone 2015
Development of a high mobility assistant personal robot for home operation 2015
Collision avoidance system with deceleration control applied to an Assistant Personal Robot 2015
Vineyard Yield Estimation Based on the Analysis of High Resolution Images Obtained with Artificial Illumination at Night 2015
L'emmagatzematge d'energia tèrmica per fer un ús més efectiu de les energies renovables 2015
Modeling phase change materials behavior in building applications: Comments on material characterization and model validation 2014
Experimental analysis of hydroquinone used as phase change material (PCM) to be applied in solar cooling refrigeration 2014
Life cycle assessment (lca) and life cycle energy analysis (lcea) of buildings and the building sector: a review 2014
Use of PCM–polymer composite dense sheet including EAFD in constructive systems 2014
Auto-Mutual Information Function for Predicting Pain Responses in EEG Signals during Sedation 2014
CheNER: Chemical Named Entity Recognizer 2014
PSysCal: a parallel tool for calibration of ecosystem models 2014
DisCoP2P: an efficient P2P computing overlay 2014
Thermophilic anaerobic co-digestion of sewage sludge with grease waste: Effect of long chain fatty acids in the methane yield and its dewatering properties 2014
Environmental performance of recycled rubber as drainage layer in extensive green roofs. A comparative Life Cycle Assessment 2014
Modeling energy consumption in automated vacuum waste collection systems 2014
Thermal stability test of sugar alcohols as phase change materials for medium temperature energy storage application 2014
Corrosion test of salt hydrates and vessel metals for thermochemical energy storage 2014
An image processing method for in-line nectarine variety verification based on the comparison of skin feature histogram vectors 2014
Impact of Accessibility Barriers on the Mood of Blind, Low-vision and Sighted Users 2014
Biblio-MetReS for user-friendly mining of genes and biological processes in scientific documents 2014
Numerical model evaluation of a PCM cold storage tank and uncertainty analysis of the parameters 2014
Energy management and CO2 mitigation using phase change materials (PCM) for thermal energy storage (TES) in cold storage and transport 2014
Stability of sugar alcohols as PCM for thermal energy storage 2014
Ambient Intelligence Application Based on Environmental Measurements Performed with an Assistant Mobile Robot 2014
Corrosion of metal and metal alloy containers in contact with phase change materials (PCM) for potential heating and cooling applications 2014
Reflections and proposals to improve the efficiency of accessibility efforts 2014
S-PC: An e-treatment application for management of smoke-quitting patients 2014
A queuing theory model for cloud computing 2014
Thermophysical characterization of sorption TCM 2014
Encodings and benchmarks for MaxSAT solving 2014
Investigating greenhouse challenge from growing trends of electricity consumption through home appliances in buildings 2014
Methods to estimate the industrial waste heat potential of regions -A Categorization and Literature review- 2014
MPI-based implementation of an enhanced algorithm to solve the LPN problem in a memory-constrained environment 2014
A Mobile Robot Agent for Gas Leak Source Detection 2014
Outdoor Robotic Companion Based on a Google AndroidTM Smartphone and GPS Guidance 2014
Una forma eficiente de utilizar las energías renovables incluyendo almacenaje de energía térmica estacional. 2014
Experimental validation of a methodology to assess PCM effectiveness in cooling building envelopes passively 2014
The use of phase change materials in domestic heat pump and air-conditioning systems for short term storage: A review 2014
PCM thermal energy storage tanks in heat pump system for space cooling 2014
An effectiveness-NTU technique for characterising a finned tubes PCM system using a CFD model 2014
Vertical Greenery Systems (VGS) for energy saving in buildings: a review 2014
Multi-objective optimization coupled with life cycle assessment for retrofitting buildings 2014
Green roofs as passive system for energy savings in buildings during the cooling period: use of rubber crumbs as drainage layer 2014
Physicochemical and thermal study of a MPCM of PMMA shell and paraffin wax as a core 2014
Subjective and Objective Assessment of Mashup Tools 2014
Database Constraints Applied to Metabolic Pathway Reconstruction Tools 2014
SLA-Aware Load Balancing in a Web-Based Cloud System over OpenStack 2014
A Green Strategy for Federated and Heterogeneous Clouds with Communicating Workloads 2014
A Proposal for Automatic Fruit Harvesting by Combining a Low Cost Stereovision Camera and a Robotic Arm 2014
Counting red grapes in vineyards by detecting specular spherical reflection peaks in RGB images obtained at night with artificial illumination 2014
Corridor Gas-Leak Localization Using a Mobile Robot with a Photo Ionization Detector Sensor 2014
High Performance computing improvements on bioinformatics consistency-based multiple sequence alignment tools 2014
Review of the use of phase change materials (PCMs) in buildings with reinforced concrete structures 2014
Filtering and thresholding the analytic signal envelope in order to improve peak and spike noise reduction in EEG signals 2014
“Non-Linear Measures and Time-Frequency Representation of Electroencephalogram Containing Auditory and Nociceptive Stimuli Responses' 2014
Auditory and Nociceptive Stimuli Responses in the Electroencephalogram A Non-linear Measures and Time-frequency Representation Based Analysis 2014
Measuring Instantaneous and Spectral Information Entropies by Shannon Entropy of Choi-Williams Distribution in the context of electroencephalography 2014
Characterization of Daytime Sleepiness by Time-Frequency Measures of EEG Signals 2014
Measurement of enthalpy curves of phase change materials via DSC and T-History: When are both methods needed to estimate the behaviour of the bulk material in applications? 2014
Microbial community dynamics in two-chambered microbial fuell cells: effect of different ion exchange membranes 2014
Influence of the transmission configuration of a multiple axle vehicle on the obstacle surmounting capacity 2014
Optimizing Multiple Pairwise Sequence Alignment of Genomic Sequences in Multicore Clusters 2014
Efficient Mapping of Genomic Sequences to Optimize Multiple Pairwise Alignment in Hybrid Cluster Platforms 2014
RP-DeLP: a weighted defeasible argumentation framework based on a recursive semantics 2014
Solving the Routing and Wavelength Assignment problem with conflict-driven ASP solvers 2014
Solving the Routing and Wavelength Assignment problem with conflict-driven ASP solvers. . 28(1): 21-34 (2015) 2014
Do Physicians Make Their Articles Readable for Their Blind or Low-Vision Patients? An Analysis of Current Image Processing Practices in Biomedical Journals from the Point of View of Accessibility 2014
User-centered design and evaluation of overview components for semantic data exploration 2014
Validation of a framework for enriching human-computer-human interaction with awareness in a seamless way 2014
New database on phase change materials for thermal energy storage in buildings to help PCM selection 2014
New green facades as passive systems for energy savings on buildings 2014
Design of a prefabricated concrete slab with PCM inside the hollows 2014
Thermochemical characterization of sorption TCM 2014
Application of solar heating on the electrolyte conditioning for electrowinning process: thermosolar plant performance 2014
On the evocative power and play value of a wearable movement-to-sound interaction accessory in the rich free-play of schoolchildren 2014
Approximate dynamic programming for automated vacuum waste collection systems 2014
A Green Scheduling Policy for Cloud Computing 2014
Multi-objective design of reverse osmosis plants integrated with solar Rankine cycles and thermal energy storage 2013
Comparative study of different numerical models of packed bed energy storage systems 2013
On the hardness of solving edge matching puzzles as SAT or CSP problems 2013
Active phase change material package for thermal protection of ice cream containers 2013
Life Cycle Assessment of experimental cubicles including PCM manufactured from natural resources (esters): A theoretical study 2013
The use of phase change materials in fish farms. A general analysis. 2013
Experimental study of a ventilated facade with PCM during winter period 2013
Corrosion of metal and polymer containers for use in PCM cold storage 2013
Life cycle assessment of alveolar brick construction system incorporating phase change materials (pcms) 2013
Study on differential scanning calorimetry analysis with two operation modes and organic and inorganic phase change material (PCM) 2013
Leaf area index estimation in vineyards using a ground-based LiDAR scanner 2013
A correlation of the convective heat transfer coefficient between an air flow and a phase change material plate 2013
Intercomparative tests on phase change materials characterization with differential scanning calorimeter 2013
Choi-Williams Distribution to describe coding and non-coding regions in primary transcript pre-mRNA 2013
Physico-chemical and mechanical properties of microencapsulated phase change material 2013
Efficiency sensitivity analysis of a hydrostatic transmission for an off-road multiple axle vehicle 2013
Solving weighted CSPs with meta-constraints by reformulation into satisfiability modulo theories 2013
Resolution procedures for multiple-valued optimization 2013
Improving multiple sequence alignment biological accuracy through genetic algorithms 2013
Stratification analysis in packed bed thermal energy storage systems 2013
Uncovering relationships between environmental metrics in the multi-objective optimization of energy systems: A case study of a thermal solar Rankine reverse osmosis desalination plant 2013
Service life of the dwelling stock in Spain 2013
Improvement of the thermal inertia of building materials incorporating PCM. Evaluation in the macroscale 2013
Experimental study on the selection of phase change materials for low temperature applications 2013
Development and characterization of new shape-1 stabilized phase change material (PCM) - polymer including electrical arc furnace dust (EAFD), for acoustic and thermal comfort in buildings 2013
Experimental analysis of the effectiveness of a high temperature thermal storage tank for solar cooling applications 2013
Evaluation of the environmental impact of experimental buildings with different constructive systems using material flow analysis and life cycle assessment 2013
Cooperative Scheduling Mechanism for Large-Scale Peer-to-Peer Computing Systems 2013
Analyzing locality over a P2P computing architecture 2013
Numerical modelling of ventilated facades: A review 2013
Comparison of three different devices available in Spain to test thermal properties of building materials including phase change materials 2013
Material selection and testing for thermal energy storage in solar cooling 2013
Low carbon and low embodied energy materials in buildings: a review 2013
The cloud paradigm applied to e-Health 2013
Experimental and numerical analysis of a chilly bin incorporating phase change material 2013
Thermal behaviour of d-mannitol when used as PCM: comparison of results obtained by DSC and in a thermal energy storage unit at pilot plant scale 2013
Affordable construction towards sustainable buildings: review on embodied energy in building materials 2013
Optimization of three new compositions of stabilized rammed earth incorporating pcm: thermal properties characterization and lca 2013
Mathematical modeling of a PCM storage tank in a solar cooling plant 2013
Advances in energy storage research and development: The 12th International Conference on Energy Storage Innostock 2012 2013
Review of the T-history method to determine thermophysical properties of phase change materials (PCM) 2013
Effect of d-mannitol polymorphism in its thermal energy storage capacity when it is used as PCM 2013
Desarrollo de un Caso Practico de Aprendizaje Combinando Vision Artificial y un Brazo Robot 2013
A Practical Mobile Robot Agent Implementation Based on a Google Android Smartphone 2013
Evaluation of the Color-Based Image Segmentation Capabilities of a Compact Mobile Robot Agent Based on Google Android Smartphone 2013
Implementation of a robust absolute virtual head mouse combining face detection, template matching and optical flow algorithms 2013
Building integration of PCM for natural cooling of buildings 2013
Thermal analysis of a ventilated facade with PCM for cooling applications 2013
Análisis de usabilidad de cooperativas del sector de la fruta y aceite en el área de Lleida 2013
Iterative and core-guided MaxSAT solving: A survey and assessment 2013
State-based predictions with self-correction on Enterprise Desktop Grid environments 2013
Life Cycle Assessment of a Ventilated Facade with PCM in its air chamber 2013
Numerical study on the thermal performance of a ventilated facade with PCM 2013
PCM thermal energy sotrage system coupled to a heat pump 2013
Experimental characterization of a solid industrial by-product as material for high temperature sensible thermal energy storage (TES) 2013
Requirements to consider when choosing a thermochemical material for solar energy storage 2013
Analysis of Epileptic EEG Signals in Children by Symbolic Dynamics 2013
Prediction of Nociceptive Responses during Sedation by Time-Frequency Representation 2013
SAT-based MaxSAT algorithms 2013
SAT and SMT Technology for Many-Valued Logics 2013
Enhancing throughput for streaming applications running on cluster systems 2013
Fully distributed authentication with locality exploitation for the CoDiP2P peer-to-peer computing platform. 2013
From Overview to Facets and Pivoting for Interactive Exploration of Semantic Web Data 2013
Using SWET-QUM to Compare the Quality in Use of Semantic Web Exploration Tools 2013
Comparative analysis of latent thermal energy storage tanks for micro-CHP systems 2013
Viabilidad de la metodología de evaluación heurística adaptada e implementada mediante Open-HEREDEUX 2013
Project-Based Learning Example: Controlling an Educational Robotic Arm with Computer Vision 2013
Optimization of the virtual mouse HeadMouse to foster its classroom use by children with physical disabilities 2013
Older people becoming successful ICT learners over time: challenges and strategies through an ethnographical lens 2013
The Welfare E-Portfolio: Methodology to Supervise the Final Year Engineering Project. 2012
Use of rubber crumbs as drainage layer in experimental green roofs 2012
Use of microencapsulated PCM in buildings and the effect of adding awnings 2012
Analysis of implementing phase change materials in open-air swimming pools 2012
Evaluation of the environmental impact of experimental cubicles using Life Cycle Assessment: A highlight on the manufacturing phase 2012
Use of rubber crumbs as drainage layer in green roofs as potential energy improvement material 2012
Comparative life cycle assessment of thermal energy storage systems for solar power plants 2012
Improving thermal performance of freezers using phase change materials 2012
Improved Linked Data Interaction through an Automatic Information Architecture 2012
Review of solar thermal storage techniques and associated heat transfer technologies 2012
Incentive Mechanism for Scheduling Jobs in a Peer-to-Peer Computing System 2012
Review on phase change materials (PCM) for cold thermal energy storage applications 2012
Thermochemical energy storage and conversion: a state-of-the-art review of the experimental research under practical conditions 2012
Thermal analysis of a low temperature storage unit using phase change materials without refrigeration system 2012
Definition of Linear Color Models in the RGB Vector Color Space to Detect Red Peaches in Orchard Images Taken under Natural Illumination 2012
Carbonaceous residues from biomass gasification as catalysts for biodiesel production 2012
New methodology developed for the differential scanning calorimetry analysis of polymeric matrixes incorporating phase change materials 2012
Active bogies and chassis levelling for a vehicle operating in rough terrain 2012
Iterative SAT Solving for Minimum Satisfiability 2012
The Sudoku completion problem with rectangular hole pattern is NP-complete 2012
Selection and characterization of recycled materials for sensible thermal energy storage 2012
Analysis of a hydrostatic transmission driveline for its use in off-road multiple axle vehicles 2012
Embedded real-time red peach detection system based on OV7670 camera, ARM Cortex-M4 processor and 3D Look-Up Tables. 2012
Empirical characterisation and mathematical modelling of settlement in composting batch reactors 2012
Two-Dimensional Radial Laser Scanning for Circular Marker Detection and External Mobile Robot Tracking 2012
Efficient Encodings from CSP into SAT, and from MaxCSP into MaxSAT 2012
Factores hedónicos y multiculturales que mejoran la experiencia de usuario en el diseño de productos 2012
Enriqueciendo la Evaluación en Videojuegos 2012
Removal of peak and spike noise in EEG signals based on the analytic signal magnitude 2012
A Nonformal Interactive Therapeutic Multisensory Environment for People With Cerebral Palsy 2012
Análisis del funcionamiento de una transmisión hidrostática de un vehículo de múltiples ejes motrices en la superación de obstáculos 2012
Parameters to take into account when developing a new thermochemical energy storage system 2012
Green roofs as passive system for energy savings when using rubber crumbs as drainage layer 2012
Thermal energy storage implementation using phase change materials for solar cooling and refrigeration applications 2012
Solar absortion in a ventilated facade with PCM. Experimental results 2012
Thermal loads inside buildings with phase change materials: Experimental results 2012
Stabilized rammed earth incorporating pcm: optimization and improvement of thermal properties and life cycle assessment 2012
Using fuzzy logic applied to software metrics and test cases to assess programming assignments and give advice 2012
Blackboard Architecture to Integrate Components and Agents in Heterogeneous Distributed eLearning Systems: An Application to Learning to Program 2012
eLearning Standards and Automatic Assessment in a Distributed Eclipse Based Environment for Computer Programming Learning 2012
Cole-Programming: Incorporando Soporte al Aprendizaje Colaborativo en Eclipse 2012
Designing and developing software for educative virtual laboratories with language processing techniques: lessons learned in practical experiments 2012
Performance analisys of computational approaches to solve Multiple Sequence aligment 2012
Measuring yarn diameter using fast and inexpensive optical sensors 2012
Entrevista - Sóc partidària de potenciar els contactes amb empreses 2012
Selective attention in web forms: an exploratory case study with older people 2012
Compatibility of plastic with phase change materials (PCM) 2011
Behaviour of green facades in mediterranean continental climate 2011
Materials used as PCM in thermal energy storage in buildings: A review 2011
On/Off-Line Prediction Applied to Job Scheduling on Non-Dedicated NOWs 2011
Generating highly balanced sudoku problems as hard problems 2011
Dynamic thermal performance of alveolar brick construction system 2011
Overview of thermal energy storage (TES) potential energy savings and climate change mitigation in Spain and Europe 2011
A user-friendly web portal for T-Coffee on supercomputers 2011
Maximization of heat transfer in a coil in tank PCM cold storage system 2011
Multiple Job Co-Allocation Strategy for Heterogeneous Multi-Cluster Systems Based on Linear Programming 2011
Green vertical systems for buildings as passive systems for energy savings 2011
Thermal analysis of including phase change material in a domestic hot water cylinder 2011
Minimization of the environmental impact of chrome tanning: a new process reusing the tanning floats 2011
Integració de vegetació en edificis i els sistemes de coberta vegetada 2011
Max-SAT Formalisms with Hard and Soft Constraints 2011
Characterisation of the LMS200 Laser Beam under the Influence of Blockage Surfaces. Influence on 3D Scanning of Tree Orchards 2011
Measuring Oscillating Walking Paths with a LIDAR 2011
Innovative LIDAR 3D Dynamic Measurement System to Estimate Fruit-Tree Leaf Area 2011
CP-F, una eina telemàtica d'ajuda als pacients en tractament de deshabituació del tabac 2011
Programa de Control de Pacientes Fumadores (CPF) 2011
Dealing with Heterogeneity for Mapping MMOFPS in Distributed Systems 2011
Mapping MMOFPS over Heterogeneous Distributed Systems 2011
T-Coffee: a web server for the multiple sequence alignment of protein and RNA sequences using structural information and homology extension 2011
Time-Frequency Characterization of Mismatch Negativity in Nociceptive Responses 2011
Characterization of the cerebral activity by time-frequency representation of evoked EEG potentials 2011
New equipment for testing steady and transient thermal performance of multilayered building envelopes with PCM 2011
Increment de façanes vegetades per interceptar els raigs solars i estalviar energia 2011
Analyzing the Instances of the MaxSAT Evaluation 2011
Development of a Virtual Humanoid Model Using the Denavit-Hartenberg Parameters as a Base for Visual Feedback Applications 2011
Exploiting parallelism on progressive alignment methods 2011
Boolean Lexicographic Optimization: Algorithms & Applications 2011
Design and Implementation of a Biomimetic Turtle Hydrofoil for an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle 2011
Characterization of a Low-Cost Optical Flow Sensor When Using an External Laser as a Direct Illumination Source 2011
Applying genetic classifier systems for the analysis of activities in collaborative learning environments 2011
A Practical Case of Agents and Services Integration in e-Learning Environments by means of Tuple Spaces 2011
Un Caso Práctico de Integración de Agentes y Servicios en Entornos de eLearning Mediante Espacios de Tuplas 2011
Biblio-MetReS: A bibliometric network reconstruction application and server 2011
Multiple Job Co-Allocation Strategy for Heterogeneous Multi-Cluster Systems Based on Linear Programming 2011
Everyday use of computer-mediated communication tools and its evolution over time: an ethnographical study with older people 2011
An ethnographical study of the accessibility barriers in the everyday interactions of older people with the web 2011
Seguimiento y control de pacientes fumadores en proceso de deshabituación mediante SMS. Una experiencia en e-salud 2011
State of the art on high temperature thermal energy storage for power generation. Part 1-Concepts, materials and modellization 2010
State of the art on high-temperature thermal energy storage for power generation. Part 2-Case studies 2010
Eccentric sequences in stratified graphs 2010
Experimental study on the performance of insulation materials in Mediterranean construction 2010
Experimental study of using PCM in brick constructive solutions for passive cooling 2010
Building a Usable and Accessible Semantic Web Interaction Platform 2010
Modeling floor-cleaning coverage performances of some domestic mobile robots in a reduced scenario 2010
Evaluación de usabilidad y accesibilidad de un conjunto de dispositivos interactivos denominados Puntos de Información Ciudadana 2010
Using the image acquisition capabilities of the optical mouse sensor to build an absolute rotary encoder 2010
Dimensionless numbers used to characterize stratification in water tanks for discharging at low flow rates 2010
Economic viability of using biogas from tannery wastes in molten carbonate fuel cells 2010
Life cycle assessment of the inclusion of phase change materials (pcm) in experimental buildings 2010
Economic viability of a  molten carbonate fuel cell working with biogas 2010
An Intelligent Tutoring System Oriented to the Integration of People with Intellectual Disabilities 2010
ITS-LAGUNTXO: enhancing the integration of people with intellectual disabilities 2010
Effect of microencapsulated phase change material in sandwich panels 2010
Estudio de la accesibilidad en software navegación web 2010
Identifying anaerobic digestion models using simultaneous batch experiments 2010
Resolution-Based Lower Bounds in MaxSAT 2010
Comparison of different bogie configurations for a vehicle operating in rough terrain 2010
Cloud-Coffee: Implementation of a parallel consistency-based multiple alignment algorithm in the T-Coffee package and its benchmarking on the Amazon Elastic-Cloud 2010
Designing an effective P2P system for a VoD system to exploit the Multicast Communication 2010
Selection of materials with potential in sensible thermal energy storage 2010
Medida experimental de la contribución de las cubiertas y fachadas verdes al ahorro energético en la edificación en España 2010
Sensitivity of tree volume measurement to trajectory errors from a terrestrial LIDAR scanner 2010
A Semantic Wiki for Quality Management in Software Development Projects 2010
Análisis de la arquitectura de webs mediante tests de estrés de navegación, de usabilidad y eye-tracking 2010
Hacia la arquitectura de la información 3.0: pasado, presente y futuro 2010
Securing the use of RFID-enabled banknotes 2010
A Scalable Hybrid P2P System for MMOFPS 2010
Análisis de la geometría y actuación de bogies en vehículos para superación de obstáculos en pendiente 2010
Análisis del funcionamiento de la transmisión hidrostática de un vehículo todo terreno de múltiples ejes 2010
Hacia una Integración de Interacción Humano-Computador en las estructuras curriculares a nivel Iberoamericano 2010
Multi-Purpose Infrastructure for Delivering and Supporting Mobile Context-Aware Applications 2010
Design and performance of energy-efficient solar residential house in Andorra 2010
A Formal Credit-Based Incentive Model for Sharing Computer Resources 2010
Combining Hilbert SFC and Bruijn Graphs for Searching Computing Markets in a P2P System 2010
Bioinspired Electronic White Cane Implementation Based on a LIDAR, a Tri-Axial Accelerometer and a Tactile Belt 2010
Measuring yarn diameter using inexpensive optical sensors 2010
Exons and introns characterization in nucleic acid sequences by time-frequency analysis 2010
A Computing Resource Discovery Mechanism over a P2P Tree Topology 2010
Scheduling Soft Real-Time Applications on NOWs 2010
Using the Rhizomer Platform for Semantic Decision Support Systems Development 2010
Aprovechamiento de la energía solar pasiva para mejora del comportamiento térmico de edificios 2010
Propuesta de Inclusion de Capacidades Predictivas en un Teclado Virtual 2010
Sensitivity of Tree Volume Measurement to Trajectory Errors from a Terrestrial LIDAR Scanner 2010
New Insights into Encodings from MaxCSP into Partial MaxSAT 2010
Diagnóstico y terapia asistidos por computador 2010
Long-chain fatty acids inhibition and adaptation process in anaerobic thermophilic digestion: Batch tests, microbial community structure and mathematical modelling 2010
Optimum heat exchanger area estimation using coefficients of 2010
Exergy analysis of multi-effect water-LiBr absorption systems: From half to triple effect 2010
Telling the story of older people e-mailing: an ethnographical study 2010
A tractor-mounted scanning LIDAR for the non-destructive measurement of vegetative volume and surface area of tree-row plantations: A comparison with conventional destructive measurements 2009
Utilization of phase change materials in solar domestic hot water systems 2009
Bounding the Phase Transition on Edge Matching. Puzzles 2009
Experimental evaluation of commercial heat exchangers for use as PCM thermal storage systems 2009
Effect of Internal Heat Recovery in Ammonia-Water Absorption Cooling Cycles: Exergy and Structural Analysis 2009
Comparison of stratification in a water tank and a PCM-water tank 2009
Quantitative analysis in a heuristic evaluation experiment 2009
Obtaining the three-dimensional structure of tree orchards from remote 2D terrestrial LIDAR scanning 2009
Content Value Chains Modelling using a Copyright Ontology 2009
Interoperability of Learning Objects Copyright in the LUISA Semantic Learning Management System 2009
Contributions of Dichotomic View of Plasticity to Seamlessly Embed Accessibility and Adaptivity Support in User Interfaces 2009
Importancia del almacenamiento de calor en las instalaciones solares 2009
Experimental Study of PCM Inclusion in Different Building Envelopes 2009
Inquiry based learning for older people at a university in Spain 2009
Refined Multiscale Entropy: Application to 24-h Holter recordings of heart period variability in healthy and aortic stenosis subjects 2009
Interactive Therapeutic Multi-sensory Environment for Cerebral Palsy People 2009
Exploiting Cycle Structures in Max-SAT 2009
Algorithms for Weighted Boolean Optimization 2009
Using the Optical Mouse Sensor as a Two-Euro Counterfeit Coin Detector 2009
Sequential Encodings from Max-CSP into Partial Max-SAT 2009
Regular Encodings from Max-CSP into Partial Max-SAT 2009
Generating Hard Instances for MaxSAT 2009
The optical mouse sensor as an incremental rotary encoder 2009
Engineering Accessibility in Web Content Management System Environments 2009
Exploiting Parallelism on Progressive Alignment Methods 2009
Measuring Gait Using a Ground Laser Range Sensor 2009
Colaboración Multidisciplinar Para el Diseño de un Wiki en el Marco de un Proyecto de Innovación Docente en la Universitat de Lleida 2009
Experimental study on the performance of buildings insulated with spray polyurethane foam 2009
A Secure Elliptic Curve-Based RFID Protocol 2009
Solving (Weighted) Partial MaxSAT through Satisfiability 2009
A Gender-Based Genetic Algorithm for the Automatic Configuration of Algorithms 2009
On the sturcture of Industrial SAT Instances 2009
Resource manager with multi-core support for parallel desktop 2009
Transcription Factor Binding Site Detection through position cross-mutual information variability analysis 2009
Inducing Metaassociations and Induced Relationships 2009
Learning to Program with COALA, a Distributed Computer Assisted Environment 2009
Heat transfer enhancement of fatty acids when used as PCMs in thermal energy storage 2008
Energetic and exergetic analisys of a domestic water tank with phase change material 2008
The State of HCI in Ibero-American Countries 2008
Enhancing Usability Testing through Datamining Techniques: A Novel Approach to Detecting Usability Problem Patterns for a Context of Use 2008
Semantic Copyright Management for Internet-wide Knowledge Sharing and Reuse 2008
The Semantic Web as a Newspaper Media Convergence Facilitator 2008
A Web Ontology for Copyright Contracts Management 2008
Natural convection heat transfer coefficients in Phase Change Material (PCM) modules with external vertical fins 2008
Economics and climate change emissions analysis of a bioclimatic institutional building with trigeneration and solar support 2008
Project-Based Learning applied to a Master in HCI 2008
L'Agència de l'Energia de Lleida 2008
An efficient solver for Weighted Max-SAT 2008
A logic programming framework for possibilistic argumentation: Formalization and logical properties 2008
Desarrollo de un elemento oleoneumático para la suspensión posterior de Quads 2008
Resource Matching in Non-dedicated Multicluster Environments 2008
Enhancing Prediction on Non-dedicated Clusters 2008
Formalizing argumentative reasoning in a possibilistic logic programming setting with fuzzy unification 2008
L'emmagatzematge de calor i fred: una possibilitat de millora en la gestió energètica d'edificis 2008
Collaborative Explicit Plasticity Framework: a Conceptual Scheme for the Generation of Plastic and Group-Aware User Interfaces 2008
Determination of the enthalpy of PCM as a function of temperature using a heat-flux DSC - A study of different measurement procedures and their accuracy 2008
On triangular norm based axiomatic extensions of the Weak Nilpotent Minimum logic 2008
Semantic Web Applications: A framework for industry and business exploitation - What is needed for the adoption of the Semantic Web from the market and industry 2008
A Platform for Object-Action Semantic Web Interaction 2008
The Rhizomer Semantic Content Management System 2008
Copyright Management for the LUISA Semantic Learning Content Management System 2008
Towards an ontology for describing emotions 2008
CoDiP2P: a Peer-to-Peer Architecture for Sharing Computing Resources 2008
Testing Website Usability in Spanish-Speaking Academia through Heuristic Evaluation and Cognitive Walkthroughs 2008
Encoding Max-CSP into Partial Max-SAT 2008
Modelling Max-CSP as Partial Max-SAT 2008
Generating Hard SAT/CSP Instances Using Expander Graphs 2008
Heart rate variability analysis based on time-frequency representation and entropies in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy patients 2008
DNA Binding Site Characterization by Means of Renyi Entropy Measures on Nucleotide Transitions 2008
Tutor Project: An Intelligent Tutoring System to Improve Cognitive Disabled People Integration 2008
Web information search in sign language 2008
Improving the accuracy of UML metamodel extensions by introducing induced associations 2008
How Hard is a Commercial Puzzle: the Eternity II Challenge 2008
From High Girth Graphs to Hard Instances 2008
Edge Matching Puzzles as Hard SAT/CSP Instances 2008
Viabilidad económica del uso de biogás procedente de curtidos en pilas de combustible de carbonatos fundidos 2008
Using the Optical Flow to Implement a Relative Virtual Mouse controlled by Head Movements 2008
The First and Second Max-SAT Evaluations 2008
A Preprocessor for Max-SAT Solvers 2008
Multiscale Sample Entropy in Heart Rate Variability of Aortic Stenosis Patients 2008
Detection of transcription factor binding sites using Rényi entropy 2008
Influence of synthetic packing materials on the gas dispersion and biodegradation kinetics in fungal air biofilters 2008
Evaluation of the energy savings when using vacuum dryers with total thermal energy recovery in tanneries 2008
A methodology for developing Distributed Generation scenarios in urban areas using geographical information systems 2008
Integration of distributed generation systems into generic types of commercial buildings in California 2008
Imprint of spatial curvature on inflation power spectrum 2008
Use of alternative energy sources in tanneries 2007
Use of microencapsulated PCM in concrete walls for energy savings 2007
Use of cangilones drums to give water and energy savings in the beamhouse 2007
A Web Ontologies Framework for Digital Rights Management 2007
Investigación y desarrollo de aplicaciones del almacenamiento térmico de energía con materiales de cambio de fase 2007
Facilitating Business Interoperability from the Semantic Web 2007
Regular-SAT: A many-valued approach to solving combinatorial problems 2007
On Balanced CSPs with High Treewidth 2007
Adding truth-constants to logics of continuous t-norms: axiomatization and completeness results 2007
On n-contractive fuzzy logics 2007
Assessing Usability Problems in Latin-American Academic Webpages with Cognitive Walkthroughs and Datamining Techniques 2007
The AIPO Society. Past, Present and Future Trends 2007
Real-Time Tree-Foliage Surface Estimation Using a Ground Laser Scanner 2007
Exploiting multivalued knowledge in variable selection heuristics for SAT solvers. 2007
DynaPeer: A Dynamic Peer-to-Peer Based Delivery Scheme for VoD Systems 2007
CISNE-P: a Global Scheduling Oriented to NOW Environments 2007
Inference Rules for High-Order Consistency in Weighted CSP. AAAI 2007 2007
The Logic Behind Weighted CSP 2007
A New Task Graph Model for Mapping Message-Passing Applications 2007
HCI Internacional en Beijing, un gran congreso con algunas lagunas 2007
A Hybrid Approach for Modelling Early Prototype Evaluation Under User-Centred Design Through Association Rules 2007
Semantics-Supported Cooperative Learning for Enhanced Awareness 2007
Diseño de procesos colaborativos para soportar el modelo de proceso de ingeniería de la usabilidad y la accesibilidad 2007
Cooperating CoScheduling: A coscheduling proposal aimed at non-dedicated heterogeneous NOWs 2007
Integrating Emotions and Knowledge in Aesthetics Designs Using Cultural Profiles 2007
Thermal energy storage with phase change materials in building envelopes 2007
New inference Rules for Max-SAT 2007
MetaLoRaS: A Re-scheduling and Prediction MetaScheduler for Non-dedicated Multiclusters 2007
Thinklets: un artefacto útil para el diseño de métodos de evaluación de la usabilidad colaborativa 2007
Application of Feature Subset Selection Based on Evolutionary Algorithms for Automatic Emotion Recognition in Speech 2007
Towards Remote Empirical Evaluation of Web Pages' Usability 2007
A Comparison Using Different Speech Parameters in the Automatic Emotion Recognition Using Feature Subset Selection Based on Evolutionary Algorithms 2007
Validating a Multilingual and Multimodal Affective Database 2007
Interdependence between technical web accessibility and usability: its influence on web quality models 2007
Resolution for Max-SAT 2007
A Semantic Web Approach to Digital Rights Management 2007
Mapping CSP into Many-Valued SAT 2007
Partial Max-SAT Solvers with Clause Learning 2007
Piles de combustible i l'hidrogen: un paradigma d'energia per a aquest nou mil·leni 2007
A unified model for inflation and dark matter 2007
A unified model for inflation and dark energy 2007
Experimentation with a water tank including a PCM module 2006
Modelization of a water tank including a PCM module 2006
Argument-based Critics and Recommenders: a Qualitative Perspective on User Support Systems 2006
Exergetic optimization of solar collector and thermal energy storage system 2006
Use of Phase Change Materials in Solar Domestic Hot Water Tanks 2006
Primera Etapa de la Iniciativa UsabAIPO: usabilidad de páginas de inicio de universidades españolas 2006
The optical mouse for indoor mobile robot odometry measurement 2006
Estudi sobre el sistema d’emmagatzematge d’Aigua Calenta Sanitària en un sistema solar tèrmic 2006
On Warranted Inference in Possibilistic Defeasible Logic Programming 2006
Exploiting Throughput for Pipeline Execution in Streaming Image Processing Applications 2006
Providing VCR in a Distributed Client Collaborative Multicast Video Delivery Scheme 2006
Using on-the-fly simulation for estimating the turnaround time on non-dedicated clusters 2006
Using Simulation, Historical and Hybrid Estimation Systems for Enhacing Job Scheduling on NOWs 2006
An integrated biochemical and physical model for the composting process 2006
Guidelines and usability principles to design and test Shared-Knowledge Awareness for a CSCL interface 2006
Computer vision interaction for people with severe movements restrictions 2006
Experimental study on phase change materials and plastics compatibility 2006
Exact Max-SAT Solvers for Over-Constrained Problems 2006
Implicit Plasticity Framework: A Client-Side Generic Framework for Collaborative Activities 2006
MetaLoRaS: A Predictable MetaScheduler for Non-Dedicated Multiclusters 2006
The Impact of Balancing on Problem Hardness in a Highly Structured Domain 2006
Semantic data integration in a newspaper content management system 2006
An OWL Copyright Ontology for Semantic Digital Rights Management 2006
Alternativas energéticas en la construcción 2006
On Rational Weak Nilpotent Minimum Logics 2006
On product logic with truth-constants 2006
On weakly cancellative fuzzy logics 2006
Disco - Novo - GoGo: Integrating Local Search and Complete Search with Restarts 2006
Boosting Open CSPs 2006
QBF Modeling: Exploiting Player Symmetry for Simplicity and Efficiency 2006
Information Flow to Assess Cardiorespiratory Interactions in Patients on Weaning Trials 2006
DNA Binding Sites Characterization by Means of Rényi Entropy Measures on Nucleotide Transitions 2006
Air Quality Impacts of Distributed Power Generation in the South Coast Air Basin of California I: Scenario Development and Modeling Analysis 2006
Theoretical Analysis of a novel integrated energy system formed by a Microturbine and a Exhaust Fired Single-double Effect Absorption Chiller 2006
Unified model for inflation and dark energy with Planck-scale pseudo-Goldstone bosons 2006
Low-scale inflation in a model of dark energy and dark matter 2006
Sensor networks and distributed CSP: communication, computation and complexity 2005
Long term immersion corrosion tests on metal – PCM pairs used for latent heat storage in the 24 to 29ºC temperature range 2005
Improvement of a thermal energy storage using plates with paraffin-graphite composite 2005
An approach to the simulation of PCMs in building applications using TRNSYS 2005
Improved Exact Solvers for Weighted Max-SAT 2005
CISNE: a New Integral Approach for Scheduling Parallel Application on Non-Dedicated Clusters 2005
A Space and Time Sharing Scheduling Approach for PVM Non-Dedicated Clusters 2005
Dynamic Distributed Collaborative Merging Policy to Optimize the Multicasting Delivery Scheme 2005
Exploitation of parallelism for Applications with an Input Data Stream: Optimal resource-throughput tradeoffs 2005
Preparation of high molecular weight products by crosslinking protein isolated from the enzymatic processing of chromium-conteining collagenous waste: I. Extraction of gelatin 2005
Assessing the Effect of Web-based Learning Tools on Student Understanding of Stoichiometry Using Knowledge Space Theory 2005
Center-pivot automatization for agrochemical use 2005
A MOF-compliant Approach to Software Quality Modeling 2005
Exploiting Unit Propagation to Compute Lower Bounds in Branch and Bound Max-SAT solvers 2005
Solving Over-Constrained Problems with SAT Technology 2005
An Argument-based Framework to Model an Agent's Beliefs in a Dynamic Environment 2005
Argument-based Expansion Operators in Possibilistic Defeasible Logic Programming: characterization and Logical Properties 2005
Argumentation and the dynamics of warranted beliefs in changing environments 2005
Combining Argumentation and Web Search Technology: Towards a Qualitative Approach for Ranking Results 2005
Computing Dialectical Trees Efficiently in Possibilistic Defeasible Logic Programming 2005
Knowledge Distribution in Large Organizations Using Defeasible Logic Programming 2005
TAGS: A Software Tool for Simulating Transducer Automata 2005
Modelling Power and Trust for Knowledge Distribution: An Argumentative Approach 2005
Communication and Computation in Distributed CSP Algorithms 2005
Preparation of high molecular weight products by crosslinking protein isolated from the enzymatic processing of chromium-conteining collagenous waste: II. Modification of gelatin 2005
Balance de energía en el proceso de ribera en Europa 2005
Primera fase de análisis del Proyecto UsabAIPO 2005
Métricas predicitvas de la usabilidad: un nuevo enfoque para su ponderación cualitativa 2005
Diseño de Interfases de Usuario:formación en Interacción Persona-Ordenador dentro de un master en Ingeniería de Software 2005
Dynamic compact thermal models with multiple power sources: Application to an ultra-thin chip stacking technology 2005
A methodology to extract dynamic compact thermal models under time-varying boundary conditions: Application to a thermopile based IR sensor 2005
Preparation of high molecular weight products by crosslinking protein isolated from the enzymatic processing of chromium-conteining collagenous waste: II. Modification of gelatin (continued) 2005
Statistical Regimes Across Constrainedness Regions 2005
Exergy and Structural Analysis of an Absorption Cooling Cycle and the Effect of Efficiency Parameters 2005
Optimizing Latency under Throughput Requirements for Streaming Applications on Cluster Execution 2005
What to consider for applying backfilling on non-dedicated environments 2005
Solving Over-Constrained Problems with SAT 2005
Architecture of a semantic XPath processor application to digital rights management 2005
On the scope of some formulas defining additive connectives in fuzzy logics 2005
Perfect and bipartite IMTL-algebras and disconnected rotations of prelinear semihoops 2005
On some varieties of MTL-algebras 2005
Statistical Modelling of CSP Solving Algorithms Performance 2005
QUINST: A Metamodelling Tool 2005
The Achilles' Heel of QBF 2005
Absorption of water vapour in the falling film of water-(LiBr plus LiI+LiNO3+LiCl)in a vertical tube at air-cooling thermal conditions 2005
Performance of air-cooled absorption air conditioning systems working with water-(LiBr+LiI+LiNO3+LiCl) 2005
Scalar field oscillations contributing to dark energy 2005
Nearest-Neighbours for Time Series 2004
Heat and mass transfer during adsorption of ammonia in a cylindrical adsorbent bed: thermal performance study of a combined parabolic solar collector, water heat pipe and adsorber generator assembly 2004
Adding similarity-based reasoning capabilities to a Horn fragment of possibilistic logic with fuzzy constants 2004
Building a Mobile Robot for a Floor-cleaning Operation in Domestic Environments 2004
Integrating Defeasible Argumentation with Fuzzy ART Neural Networks for Pattern Classification 2004
Teaching Fundamentals of Computing Theory: A Constructivist Approach 2004
Evolutionary algorithms for compact thermal modelling of microsystems: application to a micro-pyrotechnic actuator 2004
Free-cooling of buildings with Phase Change Materials 2004
Supporting Caching and Mirroring in Distributed Video-on-Demand Architectures 2004
Progresos en la determinación de las características estructurales de las plantas mediante un escáner láser para su utilización en la aplicación de fitosanitarios de forma proporcional a las características de las plantaciones. 2004
A Max-SAT Solver with Lazy Data Structures 2004
Coscheduling and Multiprogramming Level in a Non-dedicated Linux NOW 2004
Coscheduling and Multiprogramming Level in a Non-Dedicated Linux Cluster 2004
A Pipelined-based Approach for Mapping Message Passing Applications 2004
Performance Prediction Using an Application Oriented Mapping Tool 2004
The Interface between P and NP in Signed CNF Formulas 2004
The interface between P and NP in Many-Valued Clausal Forms 2004
Statistical Regimes Across Constrainedness Regions 2004
Lenguajes de modelización de procesos de software basados en UML 2004
Modeling clustered task graphs for scheduling large parallel programs in distributed systems 2004
Modelling Choices in Quasigroup Completion: SAT vs. CSP 2004
Intellectual Property Rights Management using a Semantic Web Information System 2004
Use of Semantic Tools for a Digital Rights Dictionary 2004
Extraction of a dynamic multiport compact thermal model for a silicon microthruster 2004
Mapping Problems with Finite-Domain Variables to Problems with Boolean Variables 2004
Planck-scale effects on global symmetries: cosmology of pseudo-Goldstone bosons 2004
Review on thermal energy storage with phase change: materials, heat transfer analysis and applications 2003
Automated monitoring of medical protocols: a secure and distributed architecture 2003
L'emmagatzamatge de calor i fred. Una possibilitat de millora en la gestió energètica 2003
Pareto-like Distributions in Random Binary CSP 2003
Determination of enthalpy-temperature curves of phase change materials with the temperature-history method: improvement to temperature dependent properties 2003
On the Complexity of Distributed Self-Configuration in Wireless Networks 2003
PCM-module to improve hot water heat stores with stratification 2003
Dealing with Memory Constraints in a Non-Dedicated Linux Cluster 2003
Thermal performance of sodium acetate trihydrate thickened with different materials as phase change energy storage material 2003
Exploiting traffic balancing and multicast efficiency in distributed video-on-demand architectures 2003
Improving Bandwidth Efficiency In Distributed Video-On-Demand Architectures 2003
Minimizing Paging Tradeoffs Applying Coscheduling Techniques in a Linux Cluster 2003
Cooperating Coscheduling in a Non-dedicated Cluster 2003
Multiprogramming Level of PVM Jobs in a Non-dedicated Linux NOW 2003
Predicting the Best Mapping for Efficient Exploitation of Task and Data Parallelism 2003
Natural convection from narrow horizontal plates at moderate Rayleigh numbers 2003
A UML-based Approach to Enhance Reuse within Process Technology 2003
Improved Branch and Bound Algorithms for Max-2-SAT and Weighted Max-2-SAT 2003
Improved Branch and Bound Algorithms for Max-2-SAT and Weighted Max-2-SAT 2003
Using Theoretical Computer Simulators for Formal Languages and Automata Theory 2003
Computing Generalized Specificity 2003
Relating Defeasible and Normal Logic Programming through Transformation Properties 2003
Tecnología Informática en un curso de Lenguajes Formales y Teoría de Autómatas: un enfoque constructivista 2003
Delivery context negotiated by mobile agents using CC/PP 2003
Regulatory Ontologies: An Intellectual Property Rights Approach 2003
Una introducción a los algoritmos de satisfactibilidad. 2003
Boosting Chaff's Performance by Incorporating CSP Heuristics 2003
A New Approach to Solving SAT-Encoded Binary CSPs 2003
A Simple Model for Falling Film Absorption on Vertical Tubes in the Presence of Non-absorbable Air 2003
Efecto de la inserción de un módulo de PCM en un depósito de ACS 2002
Transmisión mixta mecánica-hidrostática aplicada a un autobús de transporte urbano 2002
Ubicación de colectores solares térmicos en una estructura articulada que evita la acumulación de nieve y mejora la producción de ACS en un refugio de alta montaña 2002
Heat transfer enhancement in water when used as PCM in thermal energy storage 2002
Diseño de una instalación de energía solar térmica para la producción de agua caliente de proceso de una tenería 2002
Two formalisms of extended possibilistic logic programming with context-dependent fuzzy unification: a comparative description 2002
The Effects of Coronary Occlusión Location on the RR Signal 2002
A 128 128 CMOS Image Sensor With Analog Memory for Synchronous Image Capture 2002
Towards an Automated Deduction System for Logic Programming with Fuzzy Constants 2002
Aplicaciones técnicas de las gelatinas obtenidas a partir de residuos sólidos cromados 2002
La apliación de un nuevo sistema de secado a baja temperatura al secado de piel en bruto I. Mejoras respecto a sistemas de conservación tradicionales 2002
Immersion corrosion tests on metal-salt hydrate pairs used for latent heat storage in the 48 to 58ºC temperature range 2002
Kri ... ali pivo ostaneta dolgo hladna 2002
Almacenamiento térmico mediante cambio de fase 2002
Un modelo interactivo ubicuo aplicado al patrimonio natural y cultural del Montsec 2002
Double P-Tree: A Distributed Architecture for Large-Scale Video-on-Demand 2002
Minimal and Redundant SAT Encodings for the All-Interval-Series Problem 2002
Adjusting Time Slices to Apply Coscheduling Techniques in a non-dedicated NOW 2002
Adjusting the Lengths of Time Slices when Scheduling PVM Jobs with High Memory Requirements 2002
Obtención de modelos 3D a partir de proyecciones axonométricas 2002
Resolución de problemas en ingeniería utilizando técnicas de inteligencia artificial 2002
Communication and computation in DCSP algorithms 2002
Un modelo interactivo ubicuo aplicado al patrimonio natural y cultural del area del Montsec 2002
A new model for static mapping of parallel applications with task and data parallelism. 2002
AMEEDA: A general-purpose mapping tool for parallel applications on dedicated clusters 2002
Resolución de Problemas y Algoritmos. Una propuesta para el Tercer Ciclo de la Escuela General Básica 2002
An Architecture for Negotiation with Mobile Agents 2002
Bridging the Gap between SAT and CSP 2002
Absorption of water vapour in the falling film of water-lithium bromide inside a vertical tube at air-cooling thermal conditions 2002
Axion thermalization in the early universe 2002
Adjusting Time Slices to Apply Coscheduling Techniques in a non-dedicated NOW 2002
CMC: A Coscheduling Model for non-Dedicated Cluster Computing 2001
Un corpus docente virtual, común y ubicuo en Interacción Persona-Ordenador 2001
Improved Multiexponential Transcient Spectroscopy By Iterative Deconvolution 2001
Immersion corrosion tests on metal-salt hydrate pairs used for latent heat storage in the 32 to 36°C temperature range 2001
Coscheduling Techniques and Monitoring Tools for Non-dedicated Cluster Computing 2001
Middle term immersion corrosion tests on metalsalt hydrate pairs used for latent heat storage in the 32 to 36ºC temperature range 2001
Computación ubicua 2001
A proof procedure for possibilistic logic programming with fuzzy constants 2001
A Ubiquitous Interactive Computing Model applied to the Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Montsec Area 2001
Suboptimal Filtering and Nonlinear Time Scale Transformation for the Analysis of Multiexponential Decays 2001
Un modelo interactivo ubícuo aplicado al patrimonio natural y cultural del área del Montsec 2001
Concluding Remarks 2001
A Fully Scalable and Distributed Architecture for Video-on-Demand 2001
Implementing and Analysing an Effective Explicit Coscheduling Algorithm on a NOW 2001
Coscheduling under Memory Constraints in a NOW 2001
Predictive Coscheduling Implementation in a non-dedicated Linux Cluster 2001
Capturing Structure with Satisfiability 2001
Building Expressive and Flexible Process Models using a UML-based Approach 2001
PDES: A Case Study Using the Switch Time Warp 2001
Enzymatic modification of hydrolysis products from collagen using a microbial transglutaminase. I. Physical properties 2001
Efficient mapping for message-passing applications using the TTIG model: a case study in image processing. 2001
Improving static scheduling using inter-task concurrency measures. 2001
Middle term immersion corrosion tests on metal-salt hydrate pairs used for latent heat storage in the 32 to 36 2001
El uso de Internet como herramienta comunicacional en la educación universitaria presencial 2001
Generating Hard Feasible Schedules 2001
MemTo: A Memory Monitoring Tool for a Linux Cluster 2001
Middle term immersion corrosion tests on metal-salt hydrate pairs used for latent heat storage in the 32 to 36ºC temperature range 2001
Immersion corrosion tests on metal-salt hydrate pairs used for latent heat storage in the 32 to 36ºC temperature range 2001
Double-lift absorption refrigeration cycles driven by low-temperature heat sources using organic fluid mixtures as working pairs 2001
Extending the Reach of SAT with Many-Valued Logics 2001
Use of Tryptec Enzyme Preparations in Treatment of Chrome Shavings 2000
Resolución de problemas de Scheduling utilizando fórmulas multivaluadas 2000
Implementación del pla estratégico de ingeniería técnica industrial, especialidad Mecánica: Descripción de los procesos implicados según normativa ISO 9000 2000
Virtual reality as an extension of the archaeological record. Reconstruction of an Iron Age fortress: Els Vilars (Arbeca, Catalonia, Spain) 2000
Time-frequency analysis of the RT and RR variability to stratify hypertrophic cardiomyopathy patients 2000
Operational, Regulatory and Economic Considerations for Recovering a U.S.P.-Grade Gelatin from Wet-Blue Wastes 2000
Implementing Explicit and Implicit Coscheduling in a PVM environment 2000
Monito: a Communication Monitoring Tool for a PVM-Linux Environment 2000
Industrial heat recovery by absortion/compression heat pump using TFE-H2O-TEGDMA working mixture 2000
Improving Optimistic PDES in PVM Environments 2000
Formalizing Defeasible Argumentation Using a Labelled Deductive System 2000
Logical Models of Argument 2000
Exploiting knowledge of temporal behaviour in parallel programs for improving distributed mapping 2000
Modelling Message-Passing Programs for Static Mapping 2000
Bibliotecas Digitales y su utilización pedagógica 2000
Alfabetización Informática: un desafío para la Universidad Nacional del Sur 2000
Use of Mobile Agents for IPR Management and Negotiation 2000
Arquitectura de un diccionario multilingüe de términos de lógica 1999
A Time-Domain Method for the Analysis fo Thermal Impedance Response Preserving the Convolution Form 1999
Isolation of protein products from chromium-containing leather waste using two consecutive enzymes and purification of final chromium product: pilot plant studies 1999
Processing collagenic residues. Isolation of gelatin by the action of peroxochromates 1999
Comparación en el tratamiento de rebajaduras cromadas procedentes de piel bovina en Estados Unidos y de piel ovina en España 1999
Cost-efficient processing of leather waste 1999
Chemical modification of protein products isolated from chromium-containing solid tannery waste and resultant influence on physical and functional properties 1999
Potential applications for gelatin isolated from chromium-containing solid tannery waste: microencapsulation 1999
The effect of surfactant in the isolation of protein products from chromium-containing solid tannery waste. Inluence on the process and on the chemical, physical and functional properties of the resultant gelatin 1999
Treatment of sheepskins chrome shavings. Isolation of high value protein products and reuse of chromium in the tanning process 1999
Sistema cooperativo para la integración de fuentes heterogéneas de información y almacenes de datos 1999
The BLOOM model revised: An evolution proposal (Poster session by Baquero C.) 1999
Using UML for Modelling the Static Part of a Software Process Modelling 1999
False Friends in English-Spanish Translations in Computer Science Literature 1998
The satisfiability problem in regular CNF-formulas 1998
Proemium 1998
Chrome recovery by ion exchange 1998
Functional properties of hydrolysis products from collagen 1998
Processing of leather waste: pilot scale studies on chrome shavings. Part I. Isolation and characterization of protein products and separation of chrome cake 1998
Processing of leather waste: pilot scale studies on chrome shavings. Part II. Purification of chrome cake and tanning trials 1998
Obtención de material colagénico a partir de residuos sólidos procedentes de tenerías por un proceso de descurtición 1998
Process simulation and cost estimation of treatment of chromium-containing leather waste 1998
Chemical and physical properties of protein products isolated from chromium-containing leather waste using two consecutive enzymes 1998
Processing of leather waste: pilot scale studies on chrome shavings. Isolation of potencially valuable protein products and utilization of recovered chromium 1998
Performance Prediction of Parallel Systems by Simulation 1998
Extraction of value added byproducts from the treatment of chromium containing collagenous leather industry waste 1997
Estudio de la influencia de diferentes álcalis en la calidad de las gelatinas obtenidas a partir de serrajes piquelados 1997
Influencia de enzimas proteolíticos en las propiedades físicas y químicas de gelatina a partir de rebajaduras cromadas 1997
Computer-assisted method to measure the adhesive properties of hydrolysis products from collagen 1997
Influence of pepsin and trypsin on chemical and physical properties of isolated gelatin from chrome shavings 1997
Extraction of value-added by-products from the treatment of chromium-containing collagenous waste generated in the leather industry 1996
Internet: una puerta abierta al futuro 1996
Proceso de descurtición en ciclos, con peróxido de hidrógeno en medio básico 1995
Ensayos previos en la inertización de lodos procedentes de la depuradora físico-química de una tenería 1995
Recuperación de cromo en baños de curtición 1994
Estudio comparativo de la influencia de diferentes oxidantes, álcalis y temperatura en un proceso de descurtición 1994
Estudio de un proceso de descurtición realizado en ciclos y con peróxido de hidrógeno en medio básico 1994
Some problems about English-Spanish translations in computer science literature 1994
Syntactic diagrams as a tool for solving text-processing problems 1994
Eliminación del cromo en residuos sólidos de curtición 1993
Estudio de un proceso de descurtición con peróxido de hidrógeno en medio básico 1993
Aguas residuales de curtición: recuperación de cromo por intercambio iónico 1993
Analitzant Design/1 de Foundation com a Eina per Especificar Sistemes d'Informació. 1993