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061 QUIT MENTAL: An experience integrating health institutions through a cloud-based software 2020
EasyModel 1.1: user friendly stochastic and deterministic simulations for systems biology models 2020
Dark Patterns in Player Experience for Kids: the Case of Fortnite 2020
A Holistc Application of Value Sensitive Desing in Big Data Applications: A Case Study of Telecom Namibia 2020
Exploring Value Sensitive Design for Blockchain Development 2020
A Holistic Application of Value Sensitive Design in Big Data Applications: A Case Study of Telecom Namibia 2020
Formación dual en el máster en ingeniería informática: una nueva orientación de formación universitaria 2020
WPSP: a multi-correlated weighted policy for VM selection and migration for cloud computing 2020
Cloud resources reassignment based on CPU and bandwidth correlation 2020
Combining Radiative Collector and Emitter with Compression Heat Pump: Numerical Analysiss 2020
Optimal Characteristics of an Adaptive Windshield for a Solar Collector and Radiative Cooling Combined System 2020
Radiative Cooling Potential Maps for Spain 2020
Materials research to achieve a circular economy in the built environment 2019
Use of seagrass fibres in adobe bricks 2019
Urban green infrastructure: green roofs and vertical greenery systems providing multiple eco-system services in the built environment 2019
The GFBI data center: Global-level integration of national and local forest inventories using BigData technology and advanced computing 2019
Is the single-use plastic ban by EU universally good? The case of airplane catering 2019
The GHG emissions and nutritional quality of a meal for 2 people. The case of Spanish tapas eaten at a restaurant. 2019
EasyModel: User friendly tool for building and analysis of simple mathematical models in systems biology 2019
A new system to measure leather Shrinkage temperature 2019
Modified Polyacrylates as a new leather retanning agents 2019
Manipulación de objetos con interfaces naturales de usuario 2019
Gráficos estadísticos accesibles para personas con baja visión y visión cromática deficiente 2019
Product Design and Development Methodologies vs. Multimedia Systems Development Methodologies: an approximation from the foundations of their disciplines 2019
User friendly tool for building and analysis of simple mathematical models in systems biology 2019
Voice Feature Markers for an Early Detection of Bulbar Involvement in ALS Patients 2019
EasyModel: user friendly tool for building and analysis of simple mathematical models in systems biology 2019
Sorption materials characterization and lab-scale reaction 2019
Morphological evaluation of hydration/dehydration stages of an innovative MgSO4 filled composite silicone foam for thermal energy storage applications 2019
Methodology for the analysis of TES technologies towards a circular economy 2019
INPATH-TES network: a reference of education on Thermal Energy Storage 2019
Phenomenological modelling of solid/liquid phase transitions in non-ideal PCM 2019
Corrosion inhibitors for TES material at high temperature for CSP plants 2019
Dehydration behaviour of MgSO4 hydrate-silicone composite foams for thermal heat storage application 2019
A comprehensive study of the construction of the historic and heritage buildings. The influence of the thermal mass 2019
Comparison of two cement pastes thermal stability to be used as thermal energy storage material 2019
Model predictive control strategy applied to a heating system with PV panels and thermal energy storage in different US climate zones 2019
Using thermodynamic modelling for prediction of eutectic quaternary PCM mixture based on nitrate salts 2019
Innovative concentrated solar micro organic Rankine cycle plant system for residential buildings 2019
Energy assessment based on semi-dynamic modelling of a photovoltaic driven vapor compression chiller using phase change material for cold energy storage 2019
Thermal assessment of using passive heating PCM technology in lightweight buildings 2019
Renewable Energies in Historical Buildilngs (REHIB project) 2019
Improving the energy efficiency of PCM based passive cooling system using natural ventilation 2019
Cost analysis of a solar power plant with solid particles as heat transfer fluid and storage media 2019
A sustainable pathway for the deployment of central solar heating plant coupled with seasonal storage in Spain 2019
Laboratory test cells to evaluate the real performance of precast concrete façade with PCM 2019
CIRES network - Inclusive, Resilient, Efficient, and Sustainable Cities (418RT0556) 2019
Simulation and optimization of a grid-integrated PV: A logistics center case study 2019
Procedure of frost level detection and quantification in vapour compression systems 2019
Voice Assistants and Older People. Some Open issues 2019
Unintended consequences: on conducting ethical sociotechnical research with/for older people: the ethical display approach 2019
Benefits of applying big data tools for log-centralisation in SMEs 2019
Impedance Matching for an inductive harvesting transducer 2019
Active Battery balancing via a switched DC/DC converter: Description and performance analysis 2019
Máxima Transferencia de energía en aplicaciones de harvesting 2019
A Hierarchical Convolutional Neural Network for Malware Classification 2019
Renewable Energies in Historical Buildings (REHIB project) 2019
Aplicación del Coeficiente de correlación de pearson en cloud computing para la optimización de cpu y ancho de banda 2019
Comparison of the sustainability of the vegetable, wet-white and chromium tanning processes through the life cycle analysis 2019
Redesigning the BLAST algorithm to achieve High-throughput and Full-scalability using Spark and Cassandra 2019
A NEXUS ontology to support the generation of cross-domain policies 2019
User Profile Analysis in Reddit Debates 2019
An Android Malware Detection Framework Using Graph Embeddings and Convolutional Neural Networks 2019
Aprendiendo a través del territorio y los recursos comunitarios: Un estudio de caso entre los estudiantes del grado de Educación Social y los del Grado de Ingenieria Industrial. 2019
Z generation and fortnite: New ethical paradigms in video games design 2019
Sex with robots: analyzing the gender and ethics approaches in design 2019
A Comparative Study on Methods in User Satisfaction Evaluation 2019
Social Media Copyright Management using Semantic Web and Blockchain 2019
TextAnnot, una herramienta Web para la gestión y anotación de corpus lingüísticos 2019
Acceptability of a quitline intervention for smoking cessation in patients with severe mental disorders at hospital discharge (061 QuitMental Study) 2019
Implementation of a compact Wearable temperature, pressure, humidity and gas sensing device 2019
Educational application of a miniature sensor-array with temperature, pressure, humidity and gas sensing capabilities 2019
Automatic Detection of At-Most-One and Exactly-One Relations for Improved SAT Encodings of Pseudo-Boolean Constraints 2019
Grupo de Investigación en Ingeniería de Sistemas Interactivos 2019
Redesign of a Questionnaire to Assess the Usability of Websites 2019
Anodic and Cathodic Protection Assessment on Chloride Molten Salts for the Next Generation of CSP Plants 2019
Classification of Malware by using Structural Entropy on Convolutional Neural Networks 2018
SIM4NEXUS - Coupling a System Dynamic Model with Serious Gaming for policy analysis 2018
Integration of renewable technologies in historical and heritage buildings: a review (REHIB project) 2018
Analysis of renewable energy contribution and energy use in university campuses for assessing the nearly zero-energy building gap 2018
ICREN - International Conference on Renewable Energy 2018
Latent heat TES pilot plant at the University of Lleida 2018
Definitions of technical parameters for thermal energy storage (TES) 2018
Definitions of analysis level for thermal energy storage (TES) 2018
KPI definitions 2018
Participation in funded projects in the area of materials for thermal energy storage 2018
Introduction 2018
Influencia de la metodología de preparación en probetas de pasta de cemento, portland y aluminoso, para la reducción de la porosidad 2018
Ensayos preliminares de una microturbina de ciclo orgánico de Rankine alimentada por un campo solar de concentración tipo Fresnel Lineal 2018
Monitoring and Assessment of Cooperative Education in IT Master Program 2018
Experimental characterization of composite materials for thermochemical storage with foam matrices 2018
Corrosion monitoring and mitigation techniques on advanced TES materials for CSP plants 2018
Energy density as a key performance indicator for thermal energy storage systems: from material to system level 2018
Benchmarking of energy demand of residential buildings 2018
Micro-encapsulated PCM in concrete matrix after a decade of the building construction 2018
Study on the effect of using the evaporator ice as energy storage in a walk-in freezer 2018
Influence of intermittency of the energy supply on the discharging process of TES systems. An experimental study. 2018
Thermal performance of different vertical greening systems in winter 2018
Innovative European initiative for education in thermal energy storage at PhD level 2018
Optimum control of themal energy storage system (TES) coupled with solar photovoltaic (PV) for commercial refrigeration application 2018
Renewable energies in historical buildings (REHIB project) 2018
Using phase change materials to reduce the heat of hydration in cement-based materials: a thermo-mechanical investigation 2018
El projecte INPATH-TES: Iniciativa Europea per a ensenyament virtual en emmagatzematge d'energia tèrmica 2018
Real Time Classification of Political Tendency of Political Spanish Users based on Sentiment analysis. 2018
An End-to-End Deep Learning Architecture for Classification of Malware's Binary Content 2018
Anàlisi del disseny i implementació de la classe inversa en una assignatura optativa del Grau d'Enginyeria Mecànica 2018
Eina virtual per a l'anàlisi cinemàtica de mecanismes 2018
Metaheurísticas aplicadas a scheduling en entornos cloud 2018
Multi-objective genetic algorithm for cloudlet scheduling in heterogeneous virtual machine cloud environments 2018
Cloudlet scheduling in heterogeneous virtual machine cloud environments 2018
Boosting Professional Competences and IT Companies' Innovation in a Master Degree in Informatics Engineering 2018
Radiative Collector and Emitter: Experimental Results 2018
Radiative cooling to cover cooling demands of an Earthbag building in a Training Medical center in Burkina Faso 2018
Thermal monitoring on an earthbag building in Mediterranean continental climate 2018
Food trays with less environmental impact 2018
Eco-innovation strategies in the food industry: application to the spirit drinks sector 2018
Functional fillers as a part of green chemistry: LCA review 2018
A fair comparison of GHG emissions and nutritional quality of 4-ready-to-eat meals 2018
Diet matters: the case of Spain 2018
An argumentation approach for agreement analysis in Reddit debates 2018
A probabilistic author-centered model for Twitter discussions 2018
Optimizing feed formulations: from the market to production 2018
Multi-diet formulation model under activity-based costing for animal feed production 2018
Optimal timing for sending pigs to the abattoir: a stochastic programming approach 2018
An Argumentation Approach for Agreement Analysis in Reddit Debates 2018
Clause Branching in MaxSAT and MinSAT 2018
Descripción de la placa electrónica de control de un Asistente Personal Robótico 2018
Perspectivas de la investigación en Big Data aplicado a Salud 2018
EASYMODEL: a user-friendly GUI to build and analyze mathematical models of biological systems in Mathematica 2018
Análisis del ciclo de vida de un cuero vegetal hidrofugado 2018
Análisis del ciclo de vida de un proceso de curtición para la obtención de cueros biodegradables mediante recursos naturales sostenibles procedentes de los residuos de la explotación forestal del pino 2018
Optimización del proceso de pre-curtición mediante recursos naturales sostenibles procedentes de los residuos de la explotación forestal del pino 2018
Nuevas soluciones en la reutilización del cromo de los baños finales del proceso de curtición 2018
Determinación de COV y SCOV en muestras del sector del cuero: Uso de las técnicas instrumentales de TD/GC-MS 2018
Implementación de un sistema de calidad ISO 17025 en el laboratorio de análisis 2018
Oxidative unhairing versus sulphide use. A critical comparison 2018
Moral Values in Norm Decision Making 2018
Self-configuring Cost-Sensitive Hierarchical Clustering with Recourse 2018
Usability Evaluation with Heuristics, Beyond Nielsen's List 2018
Docencia e Innovación Responsable en HCI en los Estudios del Grado en Ingeniería Informática en la UdL 2018
Reliability framework for power network assessment 2018
Exploring a Semantic Framework for Integrated DPM, XBRL and SDMX Data 2018
Ethics & AI 2018
Metodologías de diseño de software sensibles al género para la ingeniería, la innovación responsable y la interacción 2018
Docencia e innovación responsable en HCI en los estudios del grado en ingeniería informática en la UdL 2018
Empathy and virtual agents for learning applications 2018
Ethics & AI 2018
Creación de un bot empático para conversar y practicar en situaciones psicoeducativas. 2018
Consecuencias del sistema de valoración de para los hoteles 2018
Ethics & AI 2018
Modelling envelope components integrating Phase Change Materials (PCMs) with Building Performance Simulation tools: a state of the art 2018
A Proposal of low-cost and low-power embedded wireless image sensor node for IoT applications 2018
Thermostatic Fins for Spatially and Temporally Adaptive Microfluidic Cooling 2018
Bio-inspired outdoor systems for enhancing citizens thermal comfort in public spaces by learning from nature 2018
A comparative study between different sensors to detect the lower oxygen level during dynamic controlled storage of Conference pears. 2018
Identification of line-specific strategies for improving carotenoid production in synthetic maize through data-driven mathematical modeling 2017
Energy Efficient Scheduling on Heterogeneous Federated Clusters using a Fuzzy Multi-Objective Meta-heuristic 2017
The right stars: Guessing the hotel category from unrelated features 2017
A Distributed approach for the analysis of discussions in twitter 2017
A probabilistic author-centered model for Twitter discussions 2017
Author-centered argumentation analysis for Twitter discussions 2017
Subtask 2 - Material Energy Density (EDmat) benchmarking 2017
Innovative Pathways to Thermal Energy Storage: INPATH-TES project 2017
Overview of TES Activities in Spain 2017
Optimization of time-of-use tariffs demand side management coupled with cold Thermal Energy Storage (TES) and solar PV to reduce on-peak demand 2017
Subtask 2: Technical parameters 2017
Why performing reviews is important for researchers 2017
Radiant wall potential and effect on radiant asymetry 2017
Concrete core slab with PCM as a thermal energy storage and supply system 2017
How to include environmental aspects in the design of thermal systems: a case study for buildings 2017
Optical and thermal characterization of colored sand for Concentrated Solar Power applications 2017
Partial loads as thermal energy storage enhancement strategy 2017
Modelling method for a simple vapour-compression refrigeration system 2017
Optimization-based demand side management (DSM) using thermal energy storage (TES) and solar PV for peak electricity demand reduction 2017
Two examples of EU funding for thermal energy storage: INPATH-TES and INNOSTAGE 2017
Boosting responsibility in R&I: Citizen science and Science shop initiatives 2017
Material research, design and testing of structural elements made of laminated glass 2017
Thermal characterization of different substrates for extensive green roofs 2017
Experimental comparison between two different HTF operating in a two-tank molten salts plate heat exchanger charging process 2017
Experimental thermal evaluation in thin rammed earth walls in Mediterranean climate 2017
Life cycle assessment (LCA) of a system for buildings heating, cooling, and DHW implementing thermochemical energy storage 2017
PCM optimization for passive cooling and heating 2017
Thermal performance of different vertical greening systems in winter 2017
Benchmarking of energy demand of domestic and small business buildings 2017
Novel process to valorise industrial co-products for low thermal energy storage (TES) application 2017
Workability of PCM-enhanced cementitious mortars 2017
Multifunciontional analysis of innovative PCM-filled concretes 2017
Deterministic linear optimization as a service 2017
Monitoring sustainability and social justice in applied renewable energy research: a proposal of indicators 2017
Material selection for latent heat thermal energy storage processes with a working temperature between 100ºC and 150ºC 2017
Effect fo water content on the thermal behaviour of green roof substrates in dynamic environmental conditions 2017
Economic and environmental evaluation of sewage source heat pumps and electric boilers using thermal energy storage 2017
Innovative solutions in prefabricated concrete facades with PCM for nearly zero energy buildings 2017
Use of pilot plant scale facilities as key factor for an optimal design and operation of commercial CSP plants with TES systems 2017
Social dimension of renewable energy research through Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) 2017
Concrete core slab with PCM for space heating and cooling in buildings 2017
Innovative Pathways to Thermal Energy Storage (INPATH-TES) project 2017
Two active integrated storage systems: double skin facade and active slab with PCM 2017
Benchmarking of energy demand of domestic and small business buildings 2017
Initiatives towards European education in thermal energy storage: INPATH-TES project 2017
Trascending traditional non-technological barriers frameworks 2017
Thermal Energy Storage: Possibilities and Outlook 2017
Energy analysis of university buildings. Are they early adopters for UE nZEB targets? 2017
Thermal performance of an earthbag building compared to a traditional dwelling in hot semi-arid climate. 2017
Thermal Energy Storage role in the Energy Trilema 2017
Sensible, latent and thermochemical storage applied to CSP 2017
Pilot plants experience applied to CSP 2017
Big Data y Ordenación de Montes: qué ha cambiado en realidad? 2017
A new cloud DSS for tactical planning in a FSC 2017
Dynamic diet formulation responsive to price changes: a feed mill perspective 2017
Automatic Method for the Analysis of Carotid Adventitial Vasa Vasorum 2017
Optimal scheduling of production tasks in an animal feed mill 2017
Exploiting Many-Valued Variables in MaxSAT 2017
First results on automatic ambient monitoring by means of an Assistant Personal Robot 2017
Preliminary Development of a Walk-Helper Application Agent with an Assistant Personal Robot 2017
Preliminary Application of an Assistant Personal Robot as an Ambient Monitoring Tool 2017
Numerical investigation of ventilated façade with PCM for heating purposes 2017
Convolutional Neural Networks for Classification of Malware Assembly Code 2017
The water-land-food-energy-climate Nexus for a resource efficient Europe The water-land-food-energy-climate Nexus for a resource efficient Europe 2017
25 años de Experiencia docente de HCI en la UdL 2017
PPCAS: Implementation of a Probabilistic Pairwise Model for Consistency-Based Multiple Alignment in Apache Spark 2017
Efficient Consistency Library for Multiple Sequence Alignment Tools 2017
Investigating accessibility issues of UI mobile design patterns in online communities: a virtual ethnographic study 2017
Discrete event simulation of a pigmeat packing plant 2017
A Distributed Approach for Valued Argumentation 2017
Energy simulation and experimentation of the thermal behavior of an earthbag building 2017
Adaptación de Impedancias para un transductor inductivo de Harvesting. 2017
The electronic measurement of spray coverage 2017
Measuring canopy density in orchards and vineyards 2017
Reactive dialectic search portfolios for maxsat 2017
Structure, Organization and Categorization of Languages of Interaction Patterns 2017
Commercial thermal energy storage in concentrated solar power plants: steam vs. molten salts. 2017
Solar salt with SiO2 nanoparticles for thermal energy storage high temperature applications: scale up of the synthesis procedure 2017
Comparative analysis of energy demand and CO2 emissions of residential buildings 2017
Price-based demand side management (DSM) coupled with cold thermal energy storage (TES) and solar PV for peak-load reduction 2017
Multi-objective optimization of central solar heating plants with seasonal thermal energy storage 2017
Optimization of coupled building roof solar reflectance and thermal insulation level for annual energy saving under different climate zones 2017
Empirical equations for viscosity and specific heat capacity of fatty acid phase change materials 2017
Empirical equations for viscosity and specific heat capacity determination of paraffin PCM and fatty acid PCM 2017
Example of an innovative initiative for education in thermal energy storage: INPATH-TES project 2017
Study on the optimum PCM melting temperature for energy savings in residential buildings worldwide 2017
Thermochemical material based on consecutive reactions for concentrated solar power plants: proof of concept 2017
Sustainable earh-based vs. conventional construction systems in the Mediterranean climate: Experimental analysis of thermal performance 2017
INPATH-TES project: European initiative for education in thermal energy storage 2017
Experimental selection and testing of PCM for low-temperature application in buildings 2017
Going beyond the lower oxygen limit during the storage of Conference pears: Impact on fruit quality, volatile emission and fruit physiology. 2017
Examples of TES EU projects 2016
Industrial waste heat (IWH) recovery potential assessment in Spain 2016
MERITS project: a comparative study of shell-and-tube heat exchangers for domestic hot water (DHW) and industrial waste heat (IWH) 2016
A compact multi-stage latent heat storage for DHW applications 2016
A review of the connection between material property and performance of PCM in real scale applications 2016
Dynamic melting of PCM: An experimental evaluation 2016
Highly conductive stabilized TCM with graphite 2016
Experimental evaluation of a cooling radiant wall coupled to a ground heat exchanger 2016
Multipurpose characterization of cool roof membrane with paraffin based PCM inclusion 2016
Fire reaction behavior of coated microencapsulated PCM 2016
Methodology for specific heat capacity determination by DSC 2016
Double salts coming from wastes of the non-metallic industry for thermal energy storage (TES) 2016
Design of mixtures with bischofite as low temperature thermal energy storage materials 2016
Embodied energy and cost of high temperature thermal energy storage systems for use in concentrated solar power plants 2016
Reflections on the social approach of renewable energy studies using TES as case study. A responsible and participatory overview for researchers 2016
Comparative study of sustainable and Mediterranean conventional constructive systems thermal behaviour 2016
Earthbag housing in development cooperation projects and emergency shelter after humanitarian disaster 2016
Supercomputación aplicada a la investigación experimental 2016
Usability Analysis in the Liquid Galaxy platform. 2016
Mortality patterns in a large series of patients with obstructive sleep apnea on treatment with continuos positive airway pressure 2016
Subtask 3 - Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for Thermal Energy Storage (TES) 2016
On the PCMs' effect for optimizing cool membrane weathering resistance 2016
Thermal characterization of a new macroencapsulated matrix-type PCm as additive for cement-based materials 2016
Control strategies for active Thermal Energy Storage systems 2016
Preliminary approach to the problem of opening a door with a mobile robot 2016
Design and start-up of two pilot plants for molten salts storage testing 2016
Numerical modelling of high temperature latent heat storage 2016
Stochastic contribution to the Fruit Supply Chain planning 2016
TControl. App de seguiment de pacients que volen deixar el tabac 2016
Particle Swarm Optimization Scheduling for Energy Saving in Cluster Computing Heterogenous Environments 2016
Black-List Genetic Algorithm Scheduling for Energy Saving in Heterogenous Environments 2016
Analysis of Discussions in Twitter with an Argumentation Tool 2016
Support Analysis of Weighted Discussions in Twitter 2016
A proposal to combine depth information from LIDAR and RGB-D sensors in an assistant personal robot 2016
Evaluaciones de usuarios y experimentos con dispositivos móviles en actividades al aire libre bicicleta de montaña 2016
Un Conjunto de Heurísticas para Seguridad Usable y Autenticación de Usuario 2016
Validación experimental de un conjunto heurístico para evaluaciones de UX de sitios web de comercio-e 2016
Passive systems for energy savings of buildings in tropical climate 2016
Potential implementation of radiative cooling coupled with solar collection 2016
Las estrellas muestran el camino: Coincidencia entre satisfacción y categorías hoteleras 2016
Max-SAT Evaluation 2016
Optimization of time-of-use tariffs demand side management coupled with cold Thermal Energy Storage (TES) and solar PV to reduce on-peak demand 2016
e-Health, Simulació d'ecosistemes 2016
Introduction to Big Data 2016
L'emigrant 2.0. Emigració juvenil, nous moviments socials i xarxes digitals 2016
BESDUI: A Benchmark for End-User Structured Data User Interfaces 2016
1D-space dynamic mathematical model of the composting process 2016
Preliminary results of a bio-inspired gas source localization method with a mobile robot 2016
A Multi-agent control architecture for an assistant personal robot 2016
A proposal to combine depth information from LIDAR and RGB-D sensors in an Assistant Personal Robot 2016
A proposal of a multi-agent system implementation for the control of an Assistant Personal Robot 2016
Real time spraying adjustments using in-canopy sensors to measure coverage 2016
Revisión de las tecnologías sobre emociones 2016
Gestión de las emociones para el tratamiento de pacientes con dolor lumbar crónico 2016
Accessibility Evaluation of Design Patterns on Moodle Mobile 2016
Correlación de NDT versus resistencia a compresión en tapia 2016
Revestimiento de fibras vegetales en sistemas de aislamiento de tapia 2016
Identification of line-specific strategies for improving carotenoid production in synthetic maize through data-driven mathematical modeling 2016
Ocultando la distribución de probabilidad en criptosistemas ordenables 2016
Overview of nano-research for thermal energy storage at the University of Lleida and Barcelona 2016
Subtask 5: KPI definitions 2016
High temperature TES pilot plant: Experimental research and lessons learnt 2016
Operational characteristics of molten salts for CSP plants 2016
Vertical greenery systems as building skin to provide urban ecosystem services 2016
Overview of materials to be used as TES materials: development and characterization at UdL (GREA) 2016
Optimization of time-of-use tariffs demand side management coupled with cold Thermal Energy Storage (TES) and solar PV to reduce on-peak demand 2016
Importance of thermal energy storage pilot plant facilities for solar energy applications 2016
Microclimate mitigation by means of thermal-energy storage: a case study in central Italy 2016
Application of concentration solar energy in process heat in Spain 2016
Innovative Pathways to Thermal Energy Storage: INPATH-TES project 2016
Considerations on the presence of formaldehyde in leather 2016
Simulation of the degradation phenomena in leather ageing 2016
Desarrollo de nanocompuestos con efecto autolimpiante para cuero y téxtil 2016
Estudio del análisis cualitatico y cuantitativo del extracto obtenido a partir de semilla de uva por HPLC. 2016
El Tepehuaje, una nueva curtición sostenible polifenólica para la industria del cuero. 2016
Recuperación del tanino procedente de los residuos de la explotación forestal del pino. 2016
Desarrollo de nanocompuestos con efecto autolimpiante para cuero y textil. 2016